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Our church hosts open gym on Thursday evenings at 7PM for anyone who wants to play a casual game of basketball and enjoy some Christian fellowship. PPC has 3 boys basketball teams in Playbook for Life, a Youth Basketball League comprised of dozens of churches, and hundreds of teams in and around the Charlotte area. The purpose of the league is to provide a ministry opportunity for each church within the league. The league strives to provide a competitive, but wholesome environment where the character of Christ is displayed. If you are interested in learning more about our Basketball program contact Shane Sledd, Minister of Youth and Families


Our basketball program is a thriving part of the life of our church. Kids from upper elementary age through seniors in high school are encouraged to let us know if they're interested in joining us. Teams are determined each year by the number of people interested by age bracket and group (boys/girls).


To be added to the interest list for fall, please contact

Shane Sledd, Minister of Youth and Families.

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