Become A Member


The invitation is always open to become a member of Philadelphia Presbyterian Church.  It is the hope of our church family that you will find a place to worship God with joy and peace.  You are invited to participate in the activities and share in the ministry of Philadelphia Church.

How to join....

To all visitors we offer our sincere welcome.  Membership in PPC can be accomplished in one of three ways:
     1. Transfer by letter of church membership
     2. Reaffirmation of Faith
     3. Baptism and Profession of Faith

You may unite by transferring your church membership by letter.  We will receive into our membership by a letter anyone who is in good and regular standing in any Trinitarian Church.  We do not require re-baptism, but accept as valid any baptism administered by an ordained minister in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, regardless of the mode used.
You may unite by a Reaffirmation of your Faith.  Persons who cannot secure a certificate of transfer or who have been inactive in the church may be received in this way.  If one wishes to make a fresh beginning in the Christian life by rededicating himself/herself to God, he/she may be received by reaffirming the vows of membership before the congregation.
You may unite by Profession of Faith.  Profession of Faith involves answering several questions affirmatively before the congregation.  

 We ask that you complete a NEW MEMBER INFORMATION FORM before joining.